7 Best Topics to Talk About With A Woman

  Many men are so damn lonely, they don’t know how to approach a woman and even if they do they don’t know what to discuss, they easily run out of things to say. Well there are many things to discus with a women ranging from politics to sport, families and so on depending on her interest and if she seems uninterested, you can easily change the topic. Below are some topics to discuss with women anytime you’re around them.


 You can talk about their past relationships, many women might not want to discuss this because it might be sadden but it all depends on her mood and where you meet. If she seems interested you can ask her questions and talk more.


  This is one of the best thing to discuss with a lady take time to listen to her hobbies what she love doing. You can also dig dip by asking why she love doing it. It might be reading, listening to music, cooking etc. you can crack some jokes like girl: I really love cooking. Guy: wow, your husband is really going to enjoy you.


  You can talk about each other families, try and listen to her and be more interested in her rather than trying to get her interested in you. By doing this you will know how much she loves her family and maybe she's in a good state with them presently. Don't make a bad comment about her family of course why should you do that. Be sincere with your opinion and you can dig dip after knowing a little about her family.


   You can ask her about her dreams and passion, what she’s planning to do about it. Where shes hoping to be in the next 3 years and show some interest. Ask her how shes planning to make her dreams come to reality, don't make it to be more of like an interview rather make it interesting. Make comments good ones but be sincere with your feelings and opinion.


   You can talk about places you’ve been to, what you love most about it, the people there and how it feels like to be there. you can ask her questions like "if you were given the chance to travel round the world where would you love to visit" These types of questions create some sort of fantasy within them and anyone, in fact travelling in the world is related to some sort of fantasy or adventure. Many people love to go to new places and meet new people so you shouldn't seize this opportunity to ask


  You can talk about her friends. It shows you are serious and straight and not a playboy who is only after the kitty cat. Try not to make a bad comment about them. Her friends might be a great gateway into her most times so show love to them even if they sucks. 


  You can also talk about her job. What she love most about it. Her plans in the next few years. If she seems interested don't hesitate to change the topic in no time.

   While you may discus the following topics with her there are many other topics you can also discuss about like celebrities, music, fashion, friends, parties, gossips and trust me women love to gossip but the fact is it all depends on what she's interested in.

  So before you pop up any topic try and let her do the talking, by that you can easily know her interest and dive into it. You should also be aware of the mistakes men make when talking to women and you should avoid them, because it really pisses them off. So don't forget to keep her talking, listen to her and keep the conversation interesting.

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