How To Always Be Yourself And Happy

how to stay happy always

Be Yourself

 First thing to being yourself is being yourself. No one can act your role better than you in life. We all knw that , always keep in mind that life is too short. So do what makes you feel happy and be with those who makes you feel happy.

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Do What Your Guts Tells You

  By saying you should do what your guts tell you am not teaching you to be self centered, not taking to advice or anything like that rather always do what you think is right for you, stop looking back, be ready to take risk stop living your life by someones else  life. "life is just like a journey and our routes are different it is like an exam and our question papers are different" Just do what you feel is right for the moment and you are either going to thank yourself for it or learn from it. Since life is all about taking risk we shouldn't be afraid to take one.

Be Real

  Please stop trying to fit in, just be real, stop comparing yourself to others, you are at your best already. Being fake is being someone else being real is being yourself. Don't compare your life with others, always remember life is like an examination and our question papers are different. Life is like a journey and our routes are different.  Do your thing your way. learn to be creative and cherish yourself.

 Loved Ones

  Always hang around loved once, people that makes you feel happy and understands you the best. Spend all your time with positive people that sees the best in you and eliminate negative people.
Love Yourself

  Try to always love and cherish yourself. You are at your best and you are 100 percent unique. People can't love you if you don't love yourself first. Don't blame yourself for anything in life, there's a reason why everything happens. Don't compare yourself with others, everyone story or journey is different, so try and love yourself and treat yourself well.

Love Yourself

If you don't love yourself how do you expect other people to love you? No way so you must always love to treat yourself well and love yourself. Don't blame yourself for everything that happens. Everything doesn't necessary have to go smoothly because nobody is perfect, you might be seeing other pulling up a happy face every time in the TV, or magazine the celebrities etc the truth is that they also have their own problem and pains which they deal with everyday. But the media will make you think there lives are perfect, you start comparing yourself to them, your appearance, personality and life. The truth is all this don't really matters, Some of them has problems bigger than yours. They only hide behind the fake smiles and goodies. 

Negative thinking 

  This is a good reason while you are facing depressing the way you think, you started thinking in the negative way, it starts affecting your emotions, you overgeneralize everything which serves as a blockage to your happiness. So instead you should always try to eliminate negative thought, try not to label or judge yourself based on mistakes or anything like that everyone makes mistake and it's not a bad thing if everything is not going smoothly. Try and give it some time and encourage positive thoughts.

Be Confident

Confident is the key to happiness and being oneself. Be true to yourself, talk and listen to yourself what do you really want in life, what do you want for yourself and from people. Once you have figured this out you should not hesitate to go for it. Avoid and eliminate negative people, run away from anything that wont allow you to live a happy life.

Live Your Life

Its your life, don't expect everything to go smoothly, there will always be challenges but its not the challenges that matters but how you respond to them.You just have to face it and learn from it, to say it all, live your life don't leave it be yourself and watch things turn around.

Stop Bad Habits

   Bad habits such as skipping meals, smoking or drinking can do you a lot of harm than good. You should always take good meals and don't skip one except for some special occasions maybe you are fasting.


Always learn to forgive yourself first, it will be a major set back or blockage to your happiness if you don't forgive yourself and people who have hurt you in the past. If they did you wrong try and overlook it, you never knew which way you have wronged anybody in the past too. Try putting yourself in their shoes and looking at it at different perspectives.

Now if you can try all of these points explained above you should see an improvement in your life. remember to love yourself, change the way you think and the way you view life and everything will be a turn around for you.


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