How To Deal With Fake Friends

how to deal with fake friends
  Knowing that everyone cannot like us, its impossible we all know in one way or the other who are true friends are and the fake people, The fake once are the once who always try to bring you down every time you are around them, talk to you like you don't deserve anything, They see no good in you and they talk at your back, why the real people are the opposite, Once you recognize them you just have to move on and face your fears. Here is a list of how to deal with fake friends.

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Face Your Fears

The first thing you must always learn to do is how to face your fears, be bold. Even if  people think you don't deserve it, you don't have to explain you just have to prove it to them that you deserve more than they think.

Show Yourself

 Let them know who truly you are, don't just let anyone come into your life and scatter everything. Life is too short for you not to be happy, avoid negative people.

Watch Your Steps

Be careful, they are always at the corners waiting for your mistakes, they are just like the pharisees. You know the set of friends that always find fault in you as if they are perfect.

Be yourself

 You don't always have to care about what people say about you or thing about you. Long as you know what you are doing you just have to be yourself and stop being around negative people. You know the negative people traits so avoid them. Though we will always come across them in life but we have a right to let them take part in our life or not so its up to you.

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  Nothing drives your enemy crazy more then when they see you living a happy life. So smile, you never know who is tripping. So always remember it's your life, live it but don't leave it.


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